Andyax – Inter­na­sjo­nalt film­kurs på Solbak­ken 2021

Andyax skal ha film­kurs på Solbak­ken igjen i 2021. Vi gleder oss til å over­late skolen til film­ska­pere fra hele verden.

Become a more confi­dent film­ma­ker with our seven days film work­shop in Norway.

From May 25th to May 31st in 2021, we are arran­ging our third film work­shop at a cozy univer­sity in Norway called Solbak­ken. We will rent the univer­sity and get access to all faci­lities, invite you over and arrange an unfor­gettable film work­shop with a focus on how to become a good filmmaker.

Anders Øver­gaard (Cine­ma­to­gra­pher) will be there every day, holding cour­ses, together with Harald T. Rosen­strøm (Actor/Director) to teach direc­ting, Marius Ytter­dal (Sound Desig­ner) to teach sound recor­ding, and Thomas Leypoldt (Film Compo­ser). We will all stay together at the same place and be able to do social stuff as well. Norway is beaut­i­ful in May and a good time to visit Norway for the first time.

Anyone can sign up for the work­shop (amateur or profes­sio­nal). All we require is that you have a basic under­stan­ding of came­ras and basic editing skills. And be quick, as there is only room for about 12 people. We want a small group so we can easily inte­ract and get to know each other.

Mer info og kurs­pro­gram finner du her: